Welcome to TJWebs

TJWebs is the sole trader business for Tim Heaps and as his middle initial is J  he is sometimes called TJ and thus TJWebs is TJ’s websites business. This is a short simple name that translates well to a domain and email address.

Tim published his first website in 1995. It was built using a simple text editor and hosted on a Demon Internet homepage. For several years all the sites heĀ  made were hand coded and totally static. In the late 90s he experimented with “iHTML” that Fasthosts supported on their NT hosted websites. This basic scripting language had the benefit of being able to connect webpages to MS Access databases and provided him for the first time with a way to create dynamic content. As he moved on from shared hosting with Fasthosts and rented the first dedicated server he switched over PHP 3 and MySQL and this has been the basis of all the websites Blythweb Ltd and later TJwebs have created and hosted for over 20 years.

Blythweb, MHCreations and TJWebs

In 2017 Blythweb Ltd ceased trading and most of  the clients’ websites were transferred to MHCreations and those few clients with whom he wanted to retain a personal contact with were taken over by TJWebs. 

TJWebs is now specialising in managing WordPress websites (including several accounts on behalf of MHCreations) and a few special project websites which are hand coded in PHP/MySQL using PHPStorm.


MHCreations is the website design and hosting business of Tim’s son, Martin Heaps. Martin has worked closely with Blythweb Ltd for almost 20 years and has developed a reputation for high quality coding with an emphasis on security and stability. In later years Blythweb’s core websites ran almost entirely on Martin’s code.